Red Paddle Co Compact SUP

The Red Paddle Co Compact SUP is a potentially revolutionary new concept in the construction of inflatable SUPs. This board packs up much, much smaller than all other inflatable paddleboards, into a small and easily transportable backpack. But will the Compact really be the game-changer that Red Paddle Co claim it will be?


The Red Paddle Co Compact Inflatable SUP is due to be available for customers to purchase around late October / early November. As yet, we haven’t had a chance to take the Compact on the water so are not yet able to vouch for it’s on-water capabilities, but we have had eyes on the board whilst working alongside Red Paddle Co at the 2018 Southampton Boat Show, so do know a thing or two about it!

Firstly, here’s a few photos from Red Paddle Co so that you can see what it’s looking like.

Red Paddle Co Compact SUP
Red Paddle Co Compact SUP
Red Paddle Co Compact SUP
Red Paddle Co Compact SUP

The Compact has a few key features which enable it to pack down so small. A new weaving process offers a strong but malleable layer that can roll up very tight. The pump valve and leash d-ring are offset and the deck pad is split into two separate pieces so that the board can be folded down the middle before rolling. The fins are removable with a simple click-in system, and the package includes a 5-piece paddle as opposed to the usual 3-piece, so that the whole lot can fit into the compact bag.

The board itself is a 9’8 x 32″ allround shape, so it’s going to be good for general paddling and dabbling in waves. Length: 9’6” | Width: 32“/813mm | Thickness: 4.7”/120mm | Volume: 222 litres | Rider Weight: up to 95kg/209lb | Full package weight: 12.7Kg.

What’s hot… The Red Paddle Co Compact SUP does pack down to a ridiculously small size when compared to all other inflatable paddleboards. This makes it perfect for travel, checking in to flights and anybody looking for the ultimate in easy-of-transportation and storage.

What’s not… This new SUP comes with a pretty hefty price tag. £1,299! The standard Red Paddle Co 9’8 Ride is £849, so you are paying a lot for the small package. The Compact is only available in 9’8 and not in the ever popular 10’6 size, which we think is a shame. The 9’8 would of course be able to pack down smaller than if they made a 10’6 version, which is why they haven’t, but we do think a 10’6 version would possibly suit a wider range of paddlers.

So, initial thoughts on the Red Paddle Co Compact SUP are that it looks great and the tiny package size is pretty amazing. If you want a SUP to travel with, and money is no object, then this is going to be a great buy.


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