The Swimbler Waterproof Paddleboarding Hat

What To Wear On Your Head Whilst Paddleboarding?

There are a few different options of ‘what to wear on your head whilst paddleboarding in the cold’ but our favorite is the Swimbler waterproof paddleboarding hat.

When paddleboarding, especially when cruising around on lakes, rivers and canals in the colder months, we need something to keep our head warm, that stays dry if it rains and is windproof. Neoprene hats have always been a good go-too for watersports but they can be a bit overkill and it isn’t actually waterproof and your average wooly or fleece hat isn’t quite good enough as when it gets wet it can be a bit soggy.

We came across the Swimbler hat, designed By Lisa, a passionate sea swimmer, Lisa originally designed the hat for sea swimmers as they also have the same need as paddleboarders – A hat that stays dry whilst bobbing around in the water but the Swimbler hat has (quite rightly so) quickly been snapped up by Swimmers, Paddleboards and Hikers or anyone that wants a warm dry head whilst out in the elements.

We do love the bright designs, the detachable bobble that is really handy when getting extra cozy with your hood up. The waterproof membrane core of this hat keeps your head dry but also super cozy as the membrane also does a great job of stopping the wind.

Where to buy the Swimbler hat? – Click this link and it takes you through to SUP inflatables, You can gain 5% off all clothing when buying a paddleboard too!

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