Christmas Gift Ideas for Paddle Board Enthusiasts

Christmas Gift Ideas

Let us help you find a Christmas gift for the paddle boarding enthusiast in your life… Or if you are the SUP nut in your family, this ‘Paddleboarding Christmas list’ might give you some ideas and inspiration to write on your own list and letter to Santa….


We have grouped the Christmas gift suggestions in price brackets, so whether your Christmas gift is for a Secret Santa, A Thank You gift for a teacher or friend or something more special for a loved one, We think you’ll find inspiration here!  The items we have chosen cost as little as £3.49 up to £160 depending on your Christmas prezzie budget!

Paddle Boarding Christmas Gift ideas Up to £10

The buzzword for any paddle boarder is “waterproof”; We SUP fans go ga-ga for anything that keeps our kit dry. For £9.99, an ideal stocking filler or Secret Santa gift is the Riding Not Hiding key case, which we find very handy because it ensure your key is safe from water damage, should you take a dunk, but this waterproof key case also protects your keys from sand and dirt and allows your keys to be easier to find, whether it’s around your neck or in a larger Drybag.  We also think this key case is really handy for cyclists and runners too!


Now, this may seem like a joke, but hear us out! Promise, we are genuinely going to buy these as gifts for our SUP friends… Spare Fin Screw and Plate for a standard Fin box!  These are by far the easiest part of the paddle board kit to lose; in car parks, in your bag, or in long grass…grab a couple of these, at £3.49 each, pop them in a pretty gift bag and we can assure you, it’ll be one of the best presents your SUP friend will ever have!   


Paddle Boarding Christmas Gift ideas from £10-£20

Moving up a notch to presents for a good friend or a Secret Santa, for £19.99 these super snuggly beanie hats, from Red Originals, are suitable for literally any of your outdoorsy pals.  we love the soft feel of these hats and have tucked ours into coat pockets and car doors for emergencies!  These Red Original beanie hats come in 2 styles and 4 colours, are made from recycled polyester and can be washed at 30 degrees, so they keep their colours fresh and looking new…

Paddle Boarding Christmas Gift ideas from £21-£30

For friends and family that love sea swimming and sea-dipping, walking the dog in the rain, and of course paddleboarding or just hate getting their hair wet! will love the Swimbler bobble hat for 29.99 – this brightly coloured waterproof bobble hat is a winner for big smiles on Christmas day!

As we mentioned before, water lovers get very excited when an already fabulous item gets the waterproof treatment. This hat has a membrane in between the soft fleece inner lining and the snazzy knitted outer hat.  So if it starts raining your hair will stay dry, or if your hair is wet, put this hat on to stop the wind chill.

We were totally sold on this when we realised that the bobble is detachable, so if you need to pull up the hood of your coat, the bobble doesn’t get in the way. Having lost many a bobble to the washing machine, we were over the moon to be able to remove the bobble and pop the hat into the washing machine. The Swimbler bobble hat come in a variety of fantastically named colours.. such as this Pink Fizz, We can honestly say, it’s the warmest bobble hat we have worn (and between us all, we have many!).  If you have a couple of these hats, you can have some fun swapping the bobbles around too!

For your DryRobe-wearing pal… The DryRobe Compression Travel bag – £30 is a lovely gift for dryrobe wearers, it allows the amazingly waterproof but slightly bulky dryrobe to be more easily packed away for trips away, especially useful when the. the boot is full of the rest of your toys for the weekend fun.

As paddle boarding has taken off, so has the desire to get that perfect photo, but taking your phone on board can be risky and costly if it falls in.    This self-sealing case from Fidlock keeps your phone dry but also allows clear vision and full functionality of your smartphone. Apart from taking selfies and beautiful sunset shots, it is very important to have your phone on you for safety reasons too, and there’s room for a bit of cash or payment card to grab a coffee en route.
This one is priced at £24.99, and also comes in a larger size for £29.99.





Another great suggestion for the SUP friend who has everything, including a carbon paddle, is a paddle bag.   The eco-bag from SUP Inflatables is made from recycled bottles, is £29.99 and a worthy addition to anyone’s kit.

We can highly recommend this insulated drinks bottle from Red Originals – £25. It comes with both a canteen and a sports cap, so gives you  2 options of either single-handed drinking or using it like a flask for hot drinks. Whether it’s a hot or cold beverage, the contents will stay hot or cold for 24 hours and it will easily attach to the d-rings on the paddleboard for safe keeping and easy reach.
Great for days out, especially over autumn and winter to have a cuppa wherever you go, whatever you are doing.


Paddle Boarding Christmas Gift ideas from £31-£40

We love the Showerspass Merino Wool gloves – £40 as they are a true multi-tasker, we wear them all winter, not only when paddleboarding, they are especially great in the rain, as they have a waterproof membrane, in them so staying dry means staying warm.
The waterproofness comes from the 3 bonded layers; a wear-resistant knit exterior that feels like a regular knit glove, a waterproof-breathable Artex membrane, and a luxurious merino wool lining. These gloves are great for everything from the school run, paddleboarding, riding your bike or a long walk as they stay dry and are wind resistant too!

The Riding Not Hiding 35ltr dry bag – £34.99 is a great pressie for someone who is new to paddleboarding or someone who loves longer distance touring, These 35 lts drybags are the perfect size for holding; spare clothes, and a packet lunch, and still fit’s nicely under the bungees on the paddle board. There are 4 colours to choose from and are super useful for all sports and holidays.

Finally, We have snuck the kid’s dryrobe towelling robe into this price bracket as they start at £35 for a children’s size, we can highly recommend these towelling robes from DryRobe, for anyone who loves swimming, whether it’s at the pool or the beach.

They will definitely keep your little mermaid or merman warm after a swimming lesson.  we also use ours when we go camping as they are really handy for quickly drying off and it provides some decency for trips to the shower block, any time of day.  There’s plenty of wiggle room to change underneath them, and it’s super soft to throw on when you get out of the water, due to the soft Italian cotton. The DryRobe Towelling robe comes in blue, black, red and pink, and adult sizes start from £47.95.



Paddle Boarding Christmas Gift ideas from £41-£50

These Showers Pass Crosspoint windproof and waterproof multi-sport gloves are ideal for anyone who is not only into paddle boarding but also cycling, walking, or has to hang about watching outdoor games.  This is a great windproof and waterproof glove to take you through the winter.

These multi-sport waterproof gloves come in Unisex fit as well as slimmer Ladies’ fit sizes and come in black or reflective patterns as shown in the image.

These waterproof gloves are perfect for someone who always has cold hands, or suffers from Raynaud’s. These gloves have some clever ideas too; the design is reflective, the fingertips are compatible with a touchscreen, so you don’t have to remove them to make a phone call or take a photo, plus there is a soft bit of chamois on the thumb especially to wipe your nose! These gloves will be a total game changer for your sporty friend who needs some premium and well-designed gloves


Paddle Boarding Christmas ideas Over £50

For Red Paddle Co and Red Original enthusiasts or anyone that needs a premium waterproof case, we have the Red Original Watertight Dry Pouch

This waterproof pouch is small, mighty, tough and durable, it’s an amazing product for those out there needing a 100% waterproof bag with waterproof zip, it’s great for paddleboarders and cyclists or anyone who needs a waterproof bag that’s durable.




For the outdoor friends and family that are swimming, paddleboarding, mountain biking, camping and are out loving the colder months a premium changing robe is a prezzie that will get you that huge hug and big beaming smile at Christmas!

Check out Dry Robe and Red Original for premium changing robes that will keep you dry and warm for years and years to come! Go down a size if you’re using these robes to walk the dog but keep to size if you’re going to be changing in them!

There are some great colour combos to choose from and are available in 2 kids’ sizes, 5-9 and 10-14 and are designed to be oversized for changing under or wearing cosy layers.


We hope you find this Christmas gift guide helpful, Whether you are looking for the ideal Christmas gift for someone else, or for you!


Written by Helen Davies

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