Our favourite Carbon Paddle – Introducing Black Project

Our favourite Carbon paddles at the moment are the Black Project Ohana and Lava.. both a bit eye watering to some at £225 and £289 but they are perfect in every way, There light, specifically and perfectly made with every detail covered from blade design to a hexagonal hand cut full anti-twist , with no easily visible cut line through the shaft This paddle looks like a 2 piece paddle and acts like a solid paddle with the added bonus that you can adventure paddle, race and surf this paddle as its adjustable to different heights so you can dig in deep on a race or surf but chill out with a higher adjustment on an adventure. I’ve never touched a paddle so light with every detail thought of including the handle, you can paddle for hours with no strain, This paddle packs down to a 3 piece paddle (not that you can tell) so you can travel the world or just to the local beach without any compromise on paddle perfection. This paddle is pretty awesome for anyone with a rotator cuff or shoulder injury too as it is adjustable you can adjust the paddle easily through your ride to accommodate any possible over stretch. The paddle is beautiful to use, its great in a race .. If it was a drink ‘it would give you wings’ and its lightness and perfect balance keeps you out on the water as long as you want to be there…. 

Happy paddling! 

Black Project Paddles from £225 

Black Project carbon 3 piece paddle
paddle boarding with black project paddle
Surfing with Black Project carbon paddle
Black project carbon paddle

Spec details on both black project paddles below

Black Project Stand UP Paddle Ohana Paddle – Designed for & families looking for enhanced performance in a lightweight & strong construction
Features at a glance

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