Dry Robe Car Seat Cover

Review of the DRY ROBE car seat cover review by a customer who is a paddle boarder and tri athlete.

Wow what a nice warm feeling I get now when driving home from an event, its even better for my local events as I don’t even need to get changed, I jump in the car, still damp and the nice fleece wicks water away quickly as quoted on the SUP Inflatables website

I can truly say that if your jumping in the car after any sport these are a must, they do what they say …

Designed to be super tough, waterproof and super warm, but be warned they are super warm 🙂

The only thing I was worried about is that really they are not designed to be used with seats that have airbags in the side, but that is only small and I like to be warm

Next on my list is a Black and Pink Dry Robe

Image credit to Dry Robe – That is not Jane 🙂

Dry Robe Car Seat Covers  £39.99 each

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