Autumn & Winter Paddling – What to Wear

Looking to paddleboard through the colder months?

Many of us enjoy paddling all year round; the waterways are quieter and the changing seasons’ scenery is breathtakingly beautiful.  Clearly, some thought has to be put into where to go paddling and when? what to wear on your paddle board? and what to take on your paddleboard for safety and warmth?

Paddlers new to paddleboarding and entering their first Autumn and Winter season have been asking ‘what to wear paddleboarding?’ over the colder months and ‘Where to go paddleboarding?’ in order to keep doing their newfound passion.  Here at Passion 4 Paddleboards, We have been looking around for inspiration, information and paddleboarding advice we can pass on as we have seen a lot of questions on SUP social media groups. We found this Paddleboarding Winter safety guide from SUP Inflatables helpful and comprehensive as well as great safety tips from SUPboarder Magazine.

Also, do check out SUP inflatables What to Wear Paddling Boarding guide for great tips on how to keep warm above the water, in the winter, when on a paddleboard. We particularly like their recommendation of swapping a full wetsuit for paddleboarding Long Johns and Jacket or another suggestion from SUP inflatables is a SUP specific Drysuit which is the perfect solution for riders going out on really cold days.

Investing in premium paddleboarding wear can be a bit EEEEK! on the purse strings when first purchasing but premium wear lasts longer, fits better and keeps you out in the colder months and enjoying paddleboarding way longer.

Hope you liked reading our little ‘paddleboarding in the cold’ guide 🙂




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