What to Wear Paddleboarding when it’s Cold

So! You have loved paddleboarding all Summer, wearing boardies and bikinis in the UK heat wave. Most SUP sessions you don’t fall in by accident, just diving in to cool down every now then. You’re absolutely loving it and, now it’s starting to get colder outside, you don’t want the fun to stop.


Here, we will look at what to wear paddleboarding when it’s cold. We’re not talking the depths of winter, with baltic sea temperatures and biting winds as this will be dealt with in another article. We’re looking at the months when the air temperature is fresher, but the sea is still fairly warm; think September, October in the UK. The type of paddling that you do of course influences what you may wear, for example surfers will be in the water a lot more than flat-water paddlers, so here we’re primarily looking at clothing that’s suitable for flat-water paddling and touring.

So, here we go…

What to wear paddleboarding when it’s cold

We Love the Mystic mens range of SUP kit for men and women. If you’re looking for comfort and style in your SUP clothes, the Mystic range is well thought out and designed, this kit will last years and still look great!

What to wear paddleboarding when it's cold
Mystic Thermal BiPoly SUP Jacket
What to wear paddleboarding when it's cold
Mystic MVMNT Long Sleeved Quick Dry SUP Top
What to wear paddleboarding when it's cold
Mystic MVMNT 1mm Neoprene SUP Legging

The Mystic SUP Jacket is a great jacket to keep you nice and warm with quick-dry fabric and neoprene to keep any cold wind out. It’s very flexible offering lots of freedom of arm movement. Pair with either, Mystic Neoprene leggings, Bi-Poly leggings or long john for a warm and comfy feel depending on how warm you want to be. We also love Mystic, Dakine and O’Neill quick-dry SUP T-shirts for a paddleboard to the pub look!

For the girls. If you want a loose and comfy look the above mens Mystic range looks great on us girls too. If you want to look hot as hell out on the water the Mystic Diva Black series is the perfect performance kit. Tried and tested during a Naish N1SCO SUP race by your’s truly it really does keep you warm, but you will have to keep your paddle handy to keep the boys away as this kit really does have the lynx affect!

What to wear paddleboarding when it's cold
Mystic Long Jane – Diva Black Series – 3/2mm Sleeveless SUP Wetsuit
What to wear paddleboarding when it's cold
Mystic Neoprene SUP Jacket – Diva Black Series
What to wear paddleboarding when it's cold
Mystic Neoprene SUP Leggings – Diva Black Series

Wanting something a bit more subtle and still girly? Dakine have brought out some lush kit. Their 1mm Neoprene jacket with matching quick dry leggings and loose fitting t-shirt will turn a few heads with its striking colour and design.

What to wear paddleboarding when it's cold
Dakine 1mm neoprene SUP jacket – Lizzy Collection
What to wear paddleboarding when it's cold
Dakine Flow loose fit long sleeve SUP top – Lizzy Collection
What to wear paddleboarding when it's cold
Dakine Persuasive SUP & surf leggings – Lizzy Collection

Some of our fav kit that’s saved us from feeling chili after a lovely winter paddle are the Dry Robe, Red Paddle Co and Mystic changing jackets. They’re all awesome for getting changed by the car and feeling cosy after a wet session out on the water. They’re also great for cold days watching your kids have fun and walking the dog!

What to wear paddleboarding when it's cold
Red Paddle Co Original Unisex Pro Change Jacket
What to wear paddleboarding when it's cold
Mystic Poncho Deluxe
What to wear paddleboarding when it's cold
Dryrobe Advanced

For toasty warm fingers and toes… The staple of a warm paddleboard experience – O’Neill 7mm boots. Tried, tested and amazing, even in the coldest weather. If your hands get chili Mystic have an amazing pair of merino wool gloves, and open mitts. Go up a size for a comfy paddleboard experience as these bad boys have been designed for a tight fit feel for kiting and windsurfing. If you like a warm head you’ll love their Neoprene Beanie; a beanie is a great thing to wear on the colder days to keep the heat in your body.

What to wear paddleboarding when it's cold
7mm O’Neill round toe Heat boot
What to wear paddleboarding when it's cold
Mystic MSTC merino wool glove
What to wear paddleboarding when it's cold
Mystic 2mm neoprene beanie

There’s some great kit listed here, all tried, tested and loved by the team over at SUP Inflatables. It’s perfect for keeping warm whilst paddleboarding on the colder days. Please remember though, what you wear on the water is an important decision to get right, as falling in when the sea and air temperatures are cold can be very dangerous if you don’t have the right gear on! There are definitely times and certain paddles where you may need to go even further than this, wearing a thick winter wetsuit or drysuit to ensure you keep warm and safe. For an overview on what to wear paddleboarding throughout the year check out our other article – What to Wear Paddleboarding. If you have any questions or would like any advice about what you should be wearing for paddleboarding throughout the year, please feel free to get in touch!

All of the products listed here are available to buy in the massive SUP Inflatables SUP Wear department, so head over there for more information and to buy.



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