PPE Equipment For Heroes

PPE Equipment For Heroes On The Frontline

We’re all switched onto the news 24/7 and have seen the desperate needs of our health service circulating online. Our frontline healthcare staff need more masks; they’re the ones out there saving our loved ones lives and they need to be protected to enable them to stay well and at work. Masks will also reduce the likelihood of healthcare staff unknowingly passing infection onto colleagues and other patients. In addition it will help prevent them taking infection home to their loved ones.

We’ve spoken to local GPs and nurses; they need masks now. They have not received any of sufficient standard & are not due to receive any.

It’s imperative those on front line of our healthcare system are protected from the Covid-19 virus and we want to help.

We have thought of a few ways we can help them NOW and in the weeks to come and have put together this list of information.


‘Click This Link’
 To Donate towards masks for our heroes..
or read on to learn how donate PPE equipment you are not using.

Healthcare workers are short of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required to help Covid-19 patients and patients that are coming into our healthcare workers for other reasons but still be carrying the virus. It is essential that we protect our healthcare workers so that they remain safe and fit to continue providing care. We are in need of the following items:

1.Disposable Masks (FFP3 or N95 rated). Preferably disposable but reusable also acceptable as long as FFP3 or N95 rated. Filters for reusable masks also needed.

2. Disposable (or sterilisable/washable) body suits or surgical gowns or disposable raincoats


3.Visors, face shields or safety goggles

If you are able to help, please drop a line at too:


(Please do not call the surgery as our staff are currently very busy dealing with very sick patients).

If you do not have any spare PPE equipment but still want to help.

Here is  SUPinflatables.co.uk  fundraising page
To raise money to buy FFF3 Certified Masks

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