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There has been a massive increase in people taking to the water all year round for the mystical healing and rejuvenating properties of cold water therapy.

Many symptoms are said to be relieved by immersing yourself in cold water, whether it’s in an ice bath as recommended by the Iceman, Wim Hoff, or a quick swim in the sea or lake.  Cold water therapy is linked to the reduction in inflammation, alleviating depression and combatting some of the symptoms of menopause. There are plenty of supportive groups around the UK that meet up to swim or just bob, so if you haven’t already, why not take the plunge…

….here are just some of the many reported benefits of cold water swimming for our physical and mental health which might entice you to try:

  • It gives you a natural high. …
  • It improves circulation. …
  • It increases your libido. …
  • It burns calories. …
  • It reduces stress. ..
  • It is a great way of socialising and making new friends.

So if you are a Blue Tit, a ‘Hoffer’ or you like to do a few lengths of your local indoor pool, during the colder months, its all about getting dry and dressed and warm very quickly afterwards.   In the year I have been dipping, I have picked up many inspired tips and tricks from other dippers. I recommend getting your kit ready the night before. There is nothing worse than running around getting stressed and finding everything and potentially waking up a sleeping household (who probably thinks you are mad, but will be missing out on that sunrise!)

Here’s a list of the kit I take with me during the winter months – it has taken a few attempts to get it right, but I think I have finally nailed it!

  • Water-resistant bag to carry/store your stuff
  • Quick-drying towel and/or a mat to stand on
  • Bucket/washing up bowl/any receptacle that you can fit your feet in!
  • Flask of warm water – pour this in the aforementioned receptacle to stand in.  The water warms frozen feet and the steam rises up and is rather pleasant!
  • Hot drink to sip while chatting with your pals and basking in those good feels
  • Changing robe – I use the Red Original Quick Dry Changing Robe in Large as it gives me extra wiggle room to get dressed without flashing anyone. Plus it needs to dry quickly as it gets used frequently!
  • Soft warm clothes that are easy to get on
  • Hot water bottle – wrap your undies around this so they are nice and warm to put on.
  • DryRobe to wear afterwards for that massive warm hug and keep the chill away.

In the water I wear a swimming costume, neoprene socks and neoprene gloves and sometimes a bobble hat. If the sea is a bit rough and I am likely to splash about wave-jumping, then I will leave my hat off, but have one ready to keep my noggin warm when I get out and my Bertilicious hat by Swimbler has a membrane which means that not only is it waterproof, but more importantly it is windproof, which stops you getting cold when you have wet hair.



Find yourself a group, it is recommended to go with others for safety reasons, especially if you are trying this for the first time.




All dippers are lovely and welcoming – fact! .





So come on in…the water’s lovely…

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