Eye Bridge – Wimborne – Dorset

Eye Bridge – Wimborne – Dorset

River Paddle – September 2018

Launch from the Car Park at  – 553 Cowgrove Rd, Wimborne BH21 4EL, its a small car park and can get busy on nicer days

When launching turn right, left will take you over a small weir 🙂

Turning right allows for a steady up river paddle, on the day that we did it there was very little flow and the depth was OK for 99% of our journey only at one point did we need to get off and lift the fin out the water, there was very little weed to worry about although I have been told this changes in the summer

As you get to the 2.5 mile mark the you will need to keep left, again when we paddle it it was a little over grown and a little limbo under a low lying tree way required, to make it to the back garden of the Coventry Arms when your can climb up the bank and into the beer garden.

Unfortunately for us on this particular day in September 2018 the pub had closed for refurbishments, hopefully the next time we paddle up the river or if any of you make it before we do please submit your own paddle review and maybe some pictures

All in all its a nice 5 mile paddle (with a pint in the middle if your lucky) easy assess to and from the launch point, a little more tricky if you do decide to stop at the pub.

Happy Paddling
Gary and Emma

Links – National trust walkers Guide on this spot

Paddleboards used

Red Paddle co 13’2 Voyager 
Red Paddle co 11’3 Sport 


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