5 Best SUP’s For Kids

Paddleboarding with your kids can be a huge amount of fun and if you want a see a never ending smile on the kids faces, its a sure way to get it!

When choosing a SUP for your kids, decide if you will mostly be paddling longer distance or chilling out and maybe catching a few waves? This will allow you to choose between a touring shape or a kids all-round shape.

Understanding SUP Shape’s In kids Boards

The (hopefully) simple way of explaining board shape.. The shorter the board, the more manoeuvrable it is and easier to turn.
The longer the board, the better the board goes in a straight line and better for long distance paddling.

An Absolute Must For A Kids Board

One real absolute must for a kids SUP boards is the thickness/volume of the board, The board should NEVER be 6″ thick, If you want the board to last until teen years, buy a board that is 4’7 thick and if you want the board for very young children, 4″ thick is also an option.

Our Favourite Kids Paddle boards

If you want to start paddling together with your kids, here are the top boards we think you and your kid(s) will love.

Gladiator Kids 9’6 all-round SUP – £380


The Gladiator range of kids SUP boards are not only incredibly well thought out board shapes but are premium build quality too. The boards are great for your SUP kids and will last right through to teenage years with a price tag that is within budget.
Gladiator paddleboards offers 2 shapes for kids – all-round and touring.
The 9’6 SUP is 28″ wide which will allow all ages of kids to really enjoy paddleboarding by themselves

The 9’6 is 4.7 inches thick, allowing this board to last until teenage years, It also has the correct thickness and volume for lighter, younger riders , The board is also solid under heavier weight and will hold up to 90kg so if one of the adults wants to have a Surf Sup board that the kids can also really enjoy then the Gladiator kids 9’6 is a really great option.

Gladiator 10’6 Kids Touring SUP –  £385


Gladiator kids 10’6 SUP

The Gladiator 10’6 Kids touring SUP is also 28″ wide, which is great for all ages of kids from young to teenager. It is 4.7 inches thick allowing a stiff board thats the right thickness for both lighter longer riders and older kids too. The 10’6 Gladiator kids touring SUP is designed for riders wanting to go the extra distance, paddling along side parents and enjoying adventure paddling.

All Gladiator boards have 3 carry handles, one on the back of the board, one in the middle and one on the front, this allows ease of carrying to the waters edge as well as in shallow waters.

Both boards comes with a cargo net at the front of the board which is great for carrying kit, The deckpad is durable non slip, The board is double laminated, giving a stiff and light board that is easy to carry. The package includes a paddleboard rucksack, paddle and double action pump and leash.


Red Paddle Co Snapper All-Round SUP – £799


Red Paddle Co are the pioneers of the inflatable paddleboard and with all their packages a little pricey but if you have the budget, the packages are pretty awesome.
The Red Paddle Co Snapper kids all-round SUP board is double laminated and just under 4 inches thick with a glued on fin system, this kids board is perfect for  younger kids wanting there own board and families who like there kit to withstand a fair amount of rough and tumble.

The Red Paddle Co Snapper Kids SUP package includes everything you would expect from a Red Paddle Co package, a Red Paddle Co UV lined SUP board bag with wheels, Alloy paddle, Leash, Phonecase and Red Paddle Co Titan pump.


Fanatic Viper Air Kids WindSUP – £769


The Fanatic Viper Kids WindSUP is a great board for families wanting to have the option of paddleboarding and learning how to windSUP, The Fanatic kids WindSUP is made from Fanatics lightweight dropstitch, this technology is single skin which makes it really light to carry. The WindSUP has a mast foot attachment in the centre of the board and 2 fins, 1 acting as a dagger board and the other as a fin at the back of the board. The windsup has three carry handles , one at the front of the board, one at the back and one in the centre, the handles allow kids to get there own boards to the waters edge. The Fanatic Viper also have a cargo strap at the front of the board for carrying kit.
At 4.5″ thick, single skin and 29″ wide, The Fanatic Viper WindSUP will be great for all kids ( up too lighter teenager ) wanting to try out paddleboarding and  windsup and who want a board that does everything.

Checkout Duotone irig for a great inflatable rig that will change your board from paddle board to windSUP

Red Paddle Co MAX Race 10’6 SUP

If your a budding paddle boarder and part of the SUP race scene, then you will have come across Red Paddle Co race boards for kids. Race sup’s for kids are a niche need but the Red paddle Co kids race boards are absolutely perfect, choose between the 26″ or 24″ wide depending on the age and stability of the kid wanting to win the next SUP season.

As with all Red Paddle Co boards, The kids race comes with gorgeous Red Paddle Co SUP bag, alloy paddle, Titan pump, Red Paddle Co leash and phone case.

Hope you love our Best Kids paddle board review and see ya on the water soon!

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