What to buy a man that has everything?

Buying presents for the men in our lives can always be tricky! They either have it already, Its uber expensive or they haven’t thought to tell you what they like… So if you want to get him something different from the beer sets, whisky decanters, socks, speakers & wallets, read on…

If your man is adventure seeking or really enjoys time with the family (and getting away from them for 5 mins) he will love paddleboarding …

Paddleboarding is very recreational and can be done with family and friends on the weekend. If you really love paddleboarding, there are events all over the country (and the world) and the recreational paddleboarder can soon be turning up to all sots of SUP events if he wishes.

Passion 4 Paddleboards

Paddleboarding is really the unbeatable gift for the man who has everything!

So… we have just given you the perfect gift idea!
Now for which SUP to buy?…

If your on a budget and want a great board that he will absolutely love..
Buy Gladiator Light 10’6 SUP..


If your on a budget and want a great board and the amazing man is and over 100kg..
Buy Gladiator Light 10’8 SUP



If you love your brands..
Buy Red Paddle Co 10’6 – Fanatic  10’4 or Starboard 10’6



If you want the best on a budget..
Buy Gladiator  Elite 11’4  SUP

And if you want the best, love brands and have the cash
Buy Red Paddle Co 11’3 SUP


Hope this helps find the guy in your life an awesome gift!

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