Top Tips On How To Grab A SUP In The Sale

Paddleboards for sale and SUP sales are great and its always great to feel like you have grabbed a bargain SUP.
Along side finding a bargain, the key to enjoying your paddleboard is a quality construction, this means buying a board that wont pop, bend or be so thick and wide that its a struggle to paddle…

Heres some top tips on how to grab a SUP in the sale, thats still going to be an awesome board to ride.

Paddleboard Sale Checklist

Check these key ingredients to make sure your SUP board is good quality and not from company selling cheap SUP’s .
There is unfortunately quite a few companies that buy boards in from china ‘cheap’, and then have constant big SUP sales to pull you in. These companies can have lovely looking websites, often follow you around with remarking campaigns relentlessly though google and social media. They are often a direct sales brand and offer 5 year warranties with unrealistic T&C’s.

  • Always check the all-round board is 4.7” thick – NOT 6” thick
  • Check the width of  the brands all-round board (that is suitable for the whole family) is 32” wide.
  • Most quality brands offer an all-round shape of 10’6 x 32” x 4.7” thick board, so this is is a really easy way to find a good quality brand.
  • Check the fin box is a US fin box (and not a slide in fin) A glued on fin system is also great!
  • Check the accessories – Check the pump is double action, check the paddle is 3 piece and is good quality and check the bag is a good size and will fit the board back in too. Its helpful to stay away drybag paddle board bags, they don’t really work!
  • Paddleboard seats – They don’t work and indicate a board brand that is buying cheap dropstitch that will flex – so the brand has to promote a sit-down options so you don’t fall off.
  • Check the brand information says you can inflate the board to 20psi (and check the T&C’s in those really long warranties to check this applies to ALL weathers and temperatures, these companies are sneaky, they gamble on consumers not inflating past 15 psi and the board not been used a huge amount and then if it still pops, its the consumers fault for having it inflated outside the guided temperatures.

Get intouch .. We love talking about SUP’s and will do our best to find you a great board thats perfect for you.

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